The Capital of Vietnam, the iconic records city, turned into based one thousand years ago. Regardless of the development, Hanoi and its integrity stay via years, without problems fills the traffic with nostalgia. Hanoi have become the image due to the fact that its call turned into part of Vietnamese poems and creative works.

Hanoi is the largest traveler middle of Vietnam because of its variety of architecture, religion, tradition, folklore, together with the traditional craft villages inclusive of Bat Trang ceramic village, Dinh Cong silver village. There are 4 one of a kind seasons in Hanoi: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Most humans residing overseas consider approximately autumn of Hanoi, it’s miles stated that withinside the Autumn, the foliage in Hanoi turns 1/2 of orange-purple and fall down, all to make the picturesque splendor that no person should forget.

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