Ha Noi Hotels

The charming capital of Vietnam is full of places to see and many activities for visitors such as Hoan Kiem Lake… This is a classic city where ancient Vietnamese culture is foremost, although often progress wrestles with tradition in many parts of the city. This classic capital town is actually over 1000 years old, so the wealth of history in Hanoi is totally captivating, from temples, ancient citadels, unique theatre, and stunning scenery just outside the city. Traveling to Vietnam and especially to Hanoi has never been easier, and there are a wealth of luxury places to stay in, fun things to do and fine dining available in luxury restaurants.

Rất tiếc

Xin lỗi, nội dung bạn tìm không có sẵn, vui lòng tìm kiếm với từ khóa khác.

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